Chief Executive Officer – Steve Sinclair
Bachelor of Science (Melbourne University)
Scuba Instructor for over 35 years
Master Mariner Class V
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Steve’s Diving History:
1973 Scuba diver
1976 Scuba instructor
(has been with FAUI, PADI, SSI, NASDS & AUSI)

1977 World record cave dive in
Cocklebiddy Cave WA

1977-1992 Owner of In Depth Scuba Education
1981 Australian Scuba Champion
1981 Co-author “International Scuba Diver”
1986 President Australian Scuba Council
1987 NAUI Award for contribution to
Australian diving standards

1987 Founding member of the Dive Industry
and Travel Association of Australia

1988 Stan Bugg Award for service to FAUI
1989-2002 Owner of Queenscliff Dive Centre
1989 Manager of Scuba Expo
1994 Founded Australian Underwater
Scuba Instructors (AUSI)

1994-2013 Co-authored all the AUSI manuals
1994-2014 CEO of AUSI
1998–2000 Projects Officer for the Dive Industry
Victoria Association

2002 Co-author “Recreational Scuba Diving”
2010-2013 Managing Director of Dive Plus
Former-Member of Standards Australia CS-083
Diving Committee

2015 Author "50 Great Dives - Australia" (

Current- Chief Executive Officer of AUSIDIVE

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