Diving Melbourne

Snorkelling is a great way to experience the underwater world.
It is easy, cheap and safe.


There are three categories of recreational snorkelling:

  1. Snorkel Swimming using mask, snorkel and fins with a buoyancy aid such as a
    wetsuit so that you remain positively buoyant (can float) at all times.
  2. Snorkel Diving using mask, snorkel and fins without a wetsuit or using a weight
    belt with a wetsuit where there is a possibility of negative buoyancy (sinking).
    It is recommended that snorkel divers receive proper instruction in the dangers
    of snorkel diving.
  3. Free Diving breath-hold diving to depths greater than 9m (30ft).
    Training is highly recommended.


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Victoria offers fantastic snorkelling opportunities.....

Popes Eye Marine National Park

Popes Eye is located half way between Queenscliff and Portsea in the southern end of Port Phillip Bay. It is a rock annulus constructed from basalt in the 1800’s which was to be an island fort to protect Melbourne.

In 1979 it became part of the Harold Holt Marine Reserves and has been a protected marine park ever since.

The inside of Popes provides a safe anchorage in around 2m of water and the outside drops to a depth of around 10m. The platform inside is the nesting place of a colony of Australasian Gannets that begin nesting in late spring.

Sometimes seals use Popes Eye as haul out site and when there are snorkellers in the water the seals will usually come in and play. Awesome!

The fish life and invertebrate life at Popes is fantastic and many hours of enjoyment can be spent in the usually clear water.

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Dolphins and Seals


The southern end of Port Phillip Bay is the home to around 150 Bottlenose Dolphins and Australian Fur Seals and there is nothing better than having an in-water romp with these fascinating marine mammals.

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Vocational snorkelling

Teaching or supervising snorkellers is a very rewarding experience and AUSIDIVE provides specialist training for outdoor professionals to add snorkelling to their resume and skill set.

There are four categories of vocational snorkelling:

1. Snorkel Swimming Instructor – can conduct snorkel swimming programs in a pool and sheltered water and can act as a lookout in open water. Ideal for swimming instructors, surf life savers and school teachers who want to add that extra dimension to their professional activities.

2. Snorkel Guide – as above plus can be an in-water guide for snorkellers in open water and supervise snorkelling activities in open water. A fantastic additional qualification (ATF – SISOSNK302A – Guide snorkelling) for outdoor education, PE and science teachers who work near the coast.

3. Snorkel Diver Instructor – as above plus can train and certify Snorkel Divers, Snorkel Swimming Instructors and Snorkel Guides. (ATF – SROSNK003A – Instruct snorkelling skills)
Become the leader in snorkel education in your own region.

4. Snorkel Diver Instructor Trainer – as above plus can train and certify Snorkel Diver Instructors.

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AUSIDIVE Snorkel Guide/Snorkel Diver Instructor Course for Teachers


The AUSIDIVE Snorkel Guide/Snorkel Diver Instructor course covers all elements required to meet certification for the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) SISOSNK302A – Guide snorkelling, SROSNK003A – Instruct snorkelling skills and SRCAQU003A – Respond to an aquatic emergency using basic water rescue techniques.

Teachers (eg Outdoor Education, Physical Education or Science teachers) are eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for a significant proportion of the Australian Underwater Scuba Instructors (AUSI) Snorkel Diver Instructor course which means the course timetable can be reduced to an evening and two days instead of the usual five day course.
Not only saving time but also saving significant money.

For teachers who do not yet have the necessary experience or do not meet the requirements for AUSI Snorkel Diver Instructor then you will be eligible for the AUSI Snorkel Guide certificate which meets the certification requirements for the AQF Unit of Competency SISOSNK302A – Guide snorkelling. Upgrading to instructor is an easy process once you have met the relevant certification requirements.

To be eligible to attend the course you must:
1. Be over 18 years of age
2. Be able to swim 200 metres unaided in no more than five minutes followed
immediately by staying afloat for 10 minutes
3. Be able to duck dive comfortably to at least three metres
4. Be certified medically fit to supervise snorkel divers by your medical practitioner
5. Show evidence of at least 25 snorkel experiences in varying locations and conditions, and
6. Have conducted or assisted on at least one snorkel excursion or camp in the previous 12 months.

Certification requirements:
To be certified as either an AUSI Snorkel Diver Instructor
or AUSI Snorkel Guide you must:
1. Meet the above prerequisites
2. Attend all aspects of the course
3. Demonstrate competence in key areas that are assessed
during the course including personal diving skills, rescue skills,
practical skills teaching and dive leadership
4. Pass a written diving theory knowledge exam
5. Complete the AUSI Snorkel Diver Instructor Workbook
6. Complete the AUSI Snorkelling Standards and Procedures Exam
7. Have a current work place first aid certificate*
8. Have a current CPR certificate*
9. Have a current oxygen provider certificate*, and
10. Complete the AUSI Snorkel Professional Registration Form.

*Please note: If you do not have all the relevant certificates
you will be given six months to acquire them.

Course timetable:

1800​ Meet and greet
1830 Introductions
1900​ Overview
2030 Theoretical Aspects of Snorkelling
2200 Finish
0800 Professional Responsibilities
0930 Morning Tea
1000 Personal Skill Assessment & Rescue Skills
1200 Lunch
1300 Practical Skill Training
1430 Afternoon Tea
1500 ​Practical Skill Training Assessment
1730 Finish
0800 Dive Leadership
0930 Morning Tea
1000 Practical Dive Leadership
1200​ ​Lunch
1300 Incident & Accident Management
1430 Afternoon Tea
1500 ​Theory Test & Review
1630 ​Debrief
1730 ​Finish




























Pre-course requirements:
Prior to arrival all participants must have:
1. Completed the relevant AUSIDIVE Enrolment Form and paid the relevant fee
2. Completed the AUSI Snorkel Professional Registration Form
3. Completed relevant Lesson Reviews in the AUSI Snorkel Diver Handbook
4.Completed the AUSI Snorkel Diver Instructor Workbook
5.Completed the AUSI Snorkelling Standards and Procedures Exam
6.Downloaded and printed a copy of the International Snorkel Guide Training Manual, and
7.Downloaded and printed a copy of the AUSI Snorkel Instructor Manual.

Note: Relevant files will be forwarded to candidates
at least 14 days prior to the course commencement date.

Course dates & locations:

AUSIDIVE can conduct courses for teachers anywhere throughout Australia on demand provided minimum numbers are achieved.

The cost of the course includes AUSI Membership for 12 months,
relevant electronic files, text book, AUSI Snorkel Diver Handbook, wall certificate and plastic certification card. All participants are to provide their own mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit and weight belt.

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