Diving in Victoria

The waters off the Victorian coast, particularly Port Phillip Heads, offer divers the best temperate water diving in the World.


The coast is littered with wrecks, off shore reefs and a diverse array of marine animals and plants.

The Port Phillip Heads area off Queenscliff offers diversity next to none. Divers can choose from wrecks including four World War One J-Class submarines, wall dives ranging in depths from 10 to 50 metres, drift diving in currents up to eight knots, marine parks, kelp forests, marine mammals and sea food dives.

AUSIDIVE conducts boat diving in and around “The Heads” on “Pro Cat” every weekend from September to June.

Dive Sites

Open Water Dives to 18m Highlights
Popes Eye 3-11m Marine Park Boat Fish life
Chinaman’s Hat 8m Sea lion haul out site Boat Interaction with the seals
Cottage By The Sea 5-8m Boat or shore Sea Dragons
Lady Cheryl 6-10m Fishing trawler Boat Fish life
Queenscliff Jetty 3-4m Shore
Portarlington Jetty 3-5m Shore Sea horses
St Leonards Jetty 3-4m Shore
Ozone 2-3m Paddle steamer Shore Boilers & paddle wheels
Portsea Jetty 3-5m Shore Sea Dragons
Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron 3-12m Shore Sea horses & Nudibranchs
Rye Pier 3-5m Shore
Flinders Pier 3-5m Shore
Scallop Drift 10-20m Boat
Sponge Gardens Drift 5-18m Slow drift Boat Sponges & dolphins
Light House Drift 8-18m Medium pace Boat Rock Bommies
West Channel Drift 8-18m Medium pace Boat Old bottles
Kelp Beds Drift 8-18m Can be very fast Boat Speed!
Portsea Hole 14-33m Marine Park Boat Fish and more fish
Lonsdale Wall – literally 100’s of different sites! 8-50m Marine Park Boat Undercuts with heaps of invertebrates
Lonsdale Bommie 8-18m Boat Western wall covered with yellow zoanthids
Boarfish Reef 8-18m Boat Long Snouted Boarfish
Fog Reef 8-30m Marine Park Boat Fish life and old anchor
Ex-HMAS Canberra 11-30m Scuttled frigate Boat OW divers need an instructor
Advanced Dives to 30m
27m (90ft) Submarine 18-27m Scuttled WWI Sub Boat Torpedo tubes
Spectacular Reef 18-40m Boat Great drop off
Eliza Ramsden 14-21m Iron Barque Boat The Bow
Deep Dives to 40m
Coogee 30-33m Scuttled Bay streamer Boat The stern
36m Sub 27-36m Scuttled WWI Sub Boat The stern & bow
Broken Sub 30-39m Scuttled WWI Sub Boat
Winged Sub 30-39m Scuttled WWI Sub Boat The stern


Please feel free to add to the above table, just email us. For more information on diving in Victoria please email us.


AUSIDIVE 2013/14 Dive & Hire Prices

                                                                        Non-club               Club

Double boat dive

No gear hire:                                                    $154.00               $132.00

Canberra fee                                                    $5.00                  $5.00

Air fills

Single:                                                             $10.00               $7.50

Gear hire per dive

Mask, snorkel & fins:                                        $12.00                $8.00

Wetsuit:                                                          $20.00                $15.00

Weight belt:                                                    $10.00                $7.50

Cylinder & air:                                                 $20.00                $15.00

Regulator:                                                       $10.00                $7.50

Buoyancy Compensator:                                   $10.00                $7.50

Note: You can also hire gear from the van at Blairgowrie or book gear hire for the weekend or holidays by contacting Steve on 0418 5 999 53 or steve@ausidive.com.au.


Instructor per head per dive                        $88.00                $66.00


Club Member Dive Packages

• Double dive package with scuba                                         $198.00

includes double boat dive, air, scuba equipment & weight belt

• Instructor dive package (Area Orientation)                        $198.00

includes double boat dive, air, scuba equipment, weight belt & instructor

• Refresher dive package                                                       $198.00

includes double boat dive, air, scuba equipment, weight belt & instructor

• Sunday two for one package                                                $99

includes double boat dive, air, scuba equipment, weight belt & must be done on the Sunday following a Saturday Dive Package.


2013/14 Refresher/Area Orientation Dates

September                 29

October                      5/6

November                  2/3, 30/1

December                  28/29

January                      4/5, 11/12, 18/19 & 25/26

February                    1/2

March                         1/2

April                            5/6, 12/13, 26/27

May                             24/25

Other dates on demand, need a minimum of four.


AUSIDIVE/Pro Cat Terms and Conditions

• All boat dives are exclusively for AUSIDIVE Club Members and their guests, where their guests will
be given club rates for their first diving experience with us after which non-club rates will apply.
• All divers must produce certification card and logbook when asked to do so.
• Divers without suitable Port Phillip Heads diving experience will be required to dive with an
instructor on their first dive and those not trained by AUSIDIVE may have to undergo a skills review
prior to going on the boat, if you require an instructor on subsequent dives extra charges will apply.
• All boat dives depart from Queenscliff on Saturday and Sunday and some Mondays.
• A minimum of four participants is required. (Maximum 10.)
• Dive sites and departure times are dependent on tides, weather and dive master discretion.
• Refunds are only applicable up to 1700 on the Wednesday prior or if minimum numbers are not
achieved or if dives are cancelled because of bad weather.
• Final confirmation will be made by phone on the Friday prior.
• Divers acknowledge that they will be responsible for the cost of replacement or repair of equipment
provided by AUSIDIVE for their use on the dives should it be lost, stolen or damaged.

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