Ready for Adventure? dive

A Truly

Discovering the fascination and excitement of the underwater world either snorkelling or on scuba will stay with you for life.

But, to make it a lifelong adventure you need proper training and AUSIDIVE provides professional personalised training that will stay with you for life.

Your classroom sessions with our instructor allow you to ask questions and have meaningful discussion helping build knowledge; you will not be left wondering.

The AUSIDIVE skills training and ocean diving sessions are structured to allow you to learn and gain confidence in a timely manner and our low ratios increase your safety and enjoyment.

As a result of our training methodology when you venture out as an AUSIDIVE diver on your own underwater adventures you will know that you have the skills and confidence to be a safe diver.

No matter what level of training you are seeking, AUSIDIVE will enhance your knowledge, safety and enjoyment so that you can carry on your underwater adventure for life.